Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lolita family from Reunion Island (France)

Very nice place to stay.
We all love it!

Stayed on Apr. 20th 2010

Rae from Canada

Hostel is pretty cool, located in a very convenient place as compared to my last place in Tokyo!
It was nice to meet everyone from around the world, we all had a great time while "sampling" the sake and exchanging stories and tales about our travels.
I, myself, am Canadian and I recommend anyone to visit!
Especially Prince Rupert, BC, it's a "Wilderness-lovers" paradise.

Stayed on Apr. 18th 2010

Jeremiah from Canada

Sake sake sake time.
Good place attracts good people.
The common room is key to initiate close connections.
The place is like the Geisha of hostels.
Peace & love,

Stayed on Apr. 18th 2010

Dan from USA

Thanks for the wonderful hospitality!
It was interesting and enlightening!

Stayed on Apr. 17th 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annie Aube from Alaska, USA

I've had a wonderful stay here at Tour Club (2 weeks).
The facilities are nice and I love having a free Wi-Fi connection.
The front desk staff have been absolutely amazing, always so helpful and nice.
I appreciate the curfew... and the free sake!
The only thing I wish is that you had an oven and stove top to make food.
Again, thanks for everything!

Stayed on Apr.2nd 2010

Christin and Lisa from Germany

Thank you for the wonderful time we've got at this hostel!
Stayed at the mixed dormitory and had a lot of fun.
Everything is clean and the staff members are really awesome.
We loved the Japanese room and the time we've got to spend with people from all over the world while drinking some sake!

Stayed on Mar.26th 2010

Owen from UK

Thanks for a great stay, Tour Club.
Kyoto is the great city - just watch out for those tourists!
Taro - good luck with your new house, DO NOT MOVE AGAIN! haha...
I wish the best for you and your young family.

Stayed on Apr.7th 2010

Chee Sheng Ng from Singapore

Kyoto was an interesting city with all the various kind of temples, museums and all other types of places.
Tour Club was an convenient place which makes it easy to find your way around and the prices for the place was very cheap, too.
I managed to meet lots of foreigners, lots of new friends and if I had time next year, I definitely return again.
Look for me in Singapore!

Stayed on Apr.5th 2010

Nicky from Germany

It is a warm, friendly place.
I will recommend it to anyone I meet!
What I found absolutely amazing: Japanese-style, free sake. kimono try-on, free coffee & tea, friendly staff, reading lamp and curtains on the dorm bed,luggage space in the room!!!, the written information about Tokyo, information about the hostel, and many other small things made my stay really confortable.
It is obvious that the founder and the staff were once backpackers themselves!
Thank you very much, i wish you all the best!
And many nice customers!

Stayed on Apr.3rd 2010

Paul & Rosanna from Canada

Tour Club's location is excellent.
Near Kyoto station but quiet.
The room we stayed (#203) was nice and confortable.
The best of all, Tour Club provides EVERYTHING a low budget travellers need.
I'm happy to have stayed at the Tour Club during my travellingin Kyoto.

Stayed on Apr.3rd 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deni from Canada

I am a grade 12 highschool student in CANADA!
I have taken Japanese class for 4 years and this is my first trip to JAPAN!
This hostel is really nice and cute.
The people here are really friendly and so are the staff!
Today I am touring Kyoto and I'm excited!
I hope everyone else has a good time in Kyoto!

Stayed on Mar. 10th 2010

Deni from Canada

Ebony from USA

Hello, traveler!
This hostel was lovely!
Granted I only stayed in my room to sleep, then left.
I'm an American girltraveling with another American guy and our lovely English female friend.
The triple tatami-mat Japanese style room was cozy, and like my friend said, we were "three peas in a pod!"
We're on a weekend trip, as we are all students of kanazawa University (Ishikawa Prefecture)of Japan (countryside).
Definitely enjoyed our stay!

Stayed on Mar. 9th 2010

Da-Hee from Korea

This guesthouse is very nice!
Clean, friendly... Oh! Staff are very kind.
And Kyoto is best city in Japan.
Ginkakuji, Ninnnaji, and Tenryuji are recommended.
Enjoy your trip.
Good luck!!

Stayed on Feb. 21st 2010

Woody from USA/Indonesia

I've only stayed here for two days,just enough to feel the friendly envirnment here.
The staff are very helpful.

Stayed on Mar. 21st 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alexander from USA

Thank you!
Your information book is incredible!
Stayed Mar. 10th 2010

Nan from Thailand

Happy to be here!!
I will be back.

Stayed Mar. 5th 2010

Anonymous from Thailand

First time in Kyoto, Japan. Is very vomfortable.
Feels like visit friends home and feel Japanese style for every square inch from here.
Hopefully, I can come back in the spring when the cherry blossoms are here.
Stayed Mar. 4th 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Duy from AU

To the awesome staff at Tour Club,

Its hard to say how grateful I am for your kind and thoughtful hospitality!
Kyoto is the last part of 3 weeks in Japan for me and you guys really topped it off.
The hostel itself is so warm and cozy and the atmosphere here is great.

There is an abundance in helpful tourist information and loads of resources!
I do hope everyone else who stayed here feels the same.
Thank you so much for everything, guys!
Mar. 4th 2010

Clara from Taiwan

We are a family of five from Taiwan.
Kyoto is a very interesting place to view.
Especially the Toei Movie Land and Fushimiinari.
The fox is so cute.

My dad loved sake so much, that he had to drink everynight.
Its so sorry for the Tour Club.

Hope everbody will have a good time in Kyoto!
Stayed Feb. 24th 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Luisa from Spain

Tour Club,
Our lovely stay in Kyoto was even better because we stayed here.
Lovely place and staff.

Definitely we will be back next time.
Stayed Feb. 2010

Durrrr from AU

I love Tour Club!
This is good place, many good time!

Chicks and beer!
Japan is cool.
Stayed Feb. 2010

Daniel from AU

I enjoyed my stay here very much.
its a very well kept hostel in a very convenient location.
All the staff were very cool and friendly.

I hope Taro san gets back into poetry and finds fame and fortune, because I think that he has what it takes to be a poet! Good Luck!

I really liked that Hide likes avocado and I wish he finds the worlds best avocado and he enjoyes eating it.

Keep up the good work!
Stayed Feb. 2010

Kristen from AU

I really enjoyed staying at Tour Club!
The people were all so friendly and the facilities are great.
We have all had the best time!
Stayed Feb. 2010

Teresa from Taiwan

My around teh world to Kyoto!
I like Tour Club, its nice!
Hope to back here soon!
Tomorrow I finish my trip,
back to my sweet home Taipei.
Stayed Feb. 15th 2010

Julia and Nick from Austria

We came to Kyoto without having any idea of where we should stay and Tour Club gave us a private room for 5 nights when we ask. We really had a great time here, sleeping in and staying up all night :)
Stayed Feb. 15th 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Paris, France

Thanks Tour Club
it was great!!!
Stayed Feb.8th2010

Ken from AU

Its a great place to stay in Kyoto!!
Clean and comfrotable. Close to station!
Anyway, I had a good time in Japan.
Stayed Feb.6th2010

David from Australia

This is a great youth hostel.
It has all teh comforts and convenient location.
I really like the Japanese elements.
The living room, zen garden and sake in the evening.
We had a great time!
Stayed Feb.6th 2010

Bolero from Taiwan

I would like to thank Tour Club for providing clean and comfortable room.
Even if I get up so early, I always feel energetic everyday.
Finally, thank you for gracious hospitality.
I appreciate it a lot.
Stayed Feb. 6th 2010


Tour Club is a very comfortable place to stay.
I love this place.
Next time I come to Kyoto, without a doubt, I will choose here again.

Stayed Feb. 1st 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aurelio from Italy

As it is easy to fall in love with Japan, it is really easy to fall in love with this little warm hearted place.
I spent 7 wonderful days here, wished there has been more.
Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
I hope i can come back here with the people I love.
thanks and keep this place as beautiful as it is!
Stayed Jan.2010


The cool guy with glasses(who has been to America)
Thanks for telling us where to get the best ramen in Japan!
Stayed Jan.2010


Tour Club is cool!
Kyoto is freezing but all is good!
Stayed Jan.2010

Aimie and Peter from AU

This was a wonderful place to stay in Kyoto.
Very wam, friendly and comfortable.
Thank you!
Stayed Jan.2010

Gill from Taiwan

We stayed here for 6 days and really enjoyed it!
Kyoto, I will back again!
Stayed Jan.5th 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christina, Angelina, Kim and Ben

To all the Tour Club staff

Thank you so much for the best hospitality youve shown us.
It was so short stay but the most memorable one.
We wish we couldve stayed longer, but next time we are in Japan, WE WILL BE BACK.
This has really been home away from home.
We will see you guys again soon.
Lots of thanks and well wishes
Stayed Jan. 5th 2010

Anonymous from USA

Hello from San Francisco, CA.
We really enjoyed our stay at the Tour Club!
We highly recommend to go to the sunshine cafe for great organic and vegan friendly food!
Kyoto is such a wonderful city and we wish to return soon!
Stayed Dec. 28th 2009


We spent 5 days here in Kyoto and had a very relaxing and fun time staying here.
Thanks for the tips and advice, they helped greatly.
Will definitely recommend to our friends and family to stay here in the future.
The staff are very helpful and friendly. Thanks.
Stayed Dec. 28th 2009

Friday, January 1, 2010

Josh from USA

I stayed here for 11 nights and really enjoyed it.
Great staff, comfortable area, easy access to stations and major sights.
I met some very cool people while staying here. If and when I return to Kyoto, I will make sure to lodge at teh Tour Club.
Thanks for helping me have a great experience here in Kyoto.
Stayed Jan. 1st 2010

Helena from USA

Thank you for providing a wonderful lodging experience during my venture in Kyoto!
The excellent and practically centrally located location of the hostel made seeing the city a delight and a breeze.
Stayed Dec 28th 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Edward from Ireland

Thank you for a lovely stay in Kyoto.
Warm and friendly staff and plenty of information.

Stayed Dec. 20th 2009

Kirsty from USA

What a great hostel!
FAntastic beds, staff, rooms, etc!
Everyone was so helpful, just great!
Wish I could stay longer.
Dec. 2009

Matt from USA

Hey fellow guests!

this is the best stay ever!
Hands down, the most bang for your yen!
The accommodation is great and almost everything is provided for you or can be found cheap locally.
The staff is amazingly helpful in every way.
6 stars!

Stayed Dec. 2009

Benoit and Yann from France

Hey guys!
Nice place to chill out!
But, what about the curfew? why?
It doesn't make sense, especially when people around the world are having one of the most important moments, sitting on the floor drinking tea and talking. This is life.

Stayed Dec. 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

From Hong Kong and Holland

Thanks for the stay!!!
We wish we had more time to stay here.
The living room is warm!

Stayed Dec. 2009

Nyssa from AU

Thanks Tour Club!
We really enjoyed our few days here in Kyoto - food is awesome!

If you get the chance, our favorite temple was Nagen-ji, a bit North East of here.
Everyone here was very friendly and helpful, especially our other friend Jorge broke his wrists!
Hopefully we will see you all soon!
Stayed Dec. 8th 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kevin from Australia

Im pretty sure I did permanent damage to my legs from the amount of cycling I did today. Thanks Tour Club and Budget Inn Kyoto!
Stayed Dec. 6th 2009

Nina and Adrian from Australia

Hi Tour Club,
We stayed here 6 nights and we had a fantastic time.
We took many of the recommended day trips in our information booklet and they were all very interesting.
Our stay here was very comfortable and convenient.
We would definitely recommend Tour Club to anyone visiting Kyoto.
We are extremely appreciative of the effort put into the clean rooms and the Japanese style living room.
Thank you very much for making our trip perfect!
doumo arigato gozaimasu!

We will definitely be comming back to Kyoto one day.
Stayed Dec. 4th 2009

Olivier from France

Short stay here, only 2 days.
but i really enjoyed Kyoto and red leaves.

You got a very nice stay and so well situated!
Thanks, if I will come back to Kyoto, be sure I will come to you place again!
Stayed Dec. 2nd 2009